Adverse Credit Mortgages
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  Adverse Credit Mortgages

Credit Problems - Low Credit Score

Difficulty Getting a Mortgage - CCJs or Defaults

Late Mortgage Payments - Missed Credit Card Payments

In a Debt Management Scheme - Repossession

Discharged Bankrupt - In an IVA

If you are finding it difficult to get a mortgage and have been turned down for a mortgage by the usual high street lenders or maybe you have some historic adverse credit on your record then it still maybe possible to get a mortgage.

Generally you have to have had no new credit problems in the last 12 months and in some cases lenders will ignore defaults over 24 months old paid or unpaid and late or missed mortgage payments again over 12 months old.

Are you being threatened with repossession? There is a way out provided you are selling the property. We have providers who will refinance the your existing mortgage, repay the arrears and allow you 12 months in which to sell. This would mean that you do not have a repossession noted on your credit file and you retain more of the equity from your property.

We never guarantee that we can help but will always try and will keep you informed of progress

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